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Title: पुनर्बीमा और समग्र बीमा दलालों के प्रधान अधिकारियों के लिए
Reference No.: आईआरडीए/बीआरके/सीआईआर/नहीं/243/12/2016
Date: 03/02/2017
विदेशी से विदेशी पुनर्बीमा लेनदेन के लिए रिटर्न दाखिल करना, फरवरी 2017
It has been brought to the notice of the Authority that Reinsurance/Composite brokers undertake reinsurance transactionbetween entities that are domiciled in foreign jurisdictions.
The Authority is of the view that such transactions may have a bearing on the servicing of the India policyholders. Therefore, the Authority advises the reinsurance/ Composite Insurance Broking Companies to file a return with the Authority in the format enclosed
The return shall be submitted within 45 days of end of the half-year in the attached format beginning from the financial year 2016-17.
P.J. Joseph
Member (Non-Life)

Annexure “1”
Name of the Reinsurance / Composite Broking Company: …………
Return for the Financial Year: (I half-year/ II half-year) …………………….
Date of filing: ……


S. No
Nature of Transaction
Unique Transaction ID/ cover note no.
Underwriting year
Date of reinsurance transaction
Premium Receipt No.
Remittance Date
Name of the Reinsured & Country
Name of Reinsurer& Country
Reinsurance Premium Amount (in Foreign Currency )
Reinsurance Commission Earned (in Foreign Currency ) 


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