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Title: परिपत्र
Reference No.: आईआरडीए/बीआरके/एमआईएससी/सीआईआर/120/05/2017
Date: 01/06/2017
परिपत्र संख्या आईआरडीए/जिला/बीआरके/सीआईआर/205/10/2013 . की वापसी

No.IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/120/05/2017                                       24th   May 2017.



CEOs of all insurance companies

POs of Insurance Broking companies




Reg.   Withdrawal of Circular No. IRDA/DIST/BRK/CIR/205/10/2013 dt.30.10.2013.



This is to bring to your notice that   Circular No.IRDA/DIST/BRK/CIR/205/10/2013 dt.30.10.2013, stands withdrawn with immediate effect.  Henceforth  furnishing of data in compliance of the said circular need not be submitted to the Authority.  


The insurance broker shall submit at the time of renewal of license,  in cases, where license is renewed after the due date,  an undertaking,  stating that “no business was underwritten during the break-in period of the license”.





(Randip Singh Jagpal)

Chief General Manager

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