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Title: पी ओ एस डेटाबेस पर परिपत्र
Reference No.: आईआरडीए/इंट/पीओएस/जीडीएल/पीएसपी/084/04/2017
Date: 13/04/2017
पी ओ एस डेटाबेस पर परिपत्र
As you are aware the Authority has issued amendments to the Point of Salesperson (POS) guidelines on 16.03.2017, wherein an insurer or insurance intermediary proposing to engage the POS person shall ensure that the applicant is not engaged as POS with any other insurer or insurance intermediary by cross checking with the database housed in IIB.
2. In that context all insurers and insurance intermediaries are hereby advised to upload the existing database of their POS in the portal, start using the functionalities of the POS portal and upload the details of new POS enrolled by them as stipulated in the guidelines from 15th of April, 2017.
3. The web link for the POS system is
4. The data formats for the web upload, user guide and the technical configuration details are available on the  and the same can be downloaded from there.
5. For creating the secure login credentials to login to the POS system and for any technical queries, the insurer or the insurance intermediary is advised to send an email request to Shri Srikanth Pokkuluri (Head-IT) srikanth.pokkuluri at iib dot gov dot in, 8008947272 and Shri Srinivas Sankar Sethi (Project Manager) srinivassethi at iib dot gov dot in, 9032723168 of IIB.
Randip Singh Jagpal
Chief General Manager (Intermediaries)
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