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Title: Circular
Reference No.: IRDAI/NL/CIR/MISC/153/05/2021
Date: 29/05/2021
Guidelines on Insurance claims of victims of CycloneTauktae andCyclone Yaas


All CEOs/CMDs of all General Insurance Companies and Stand-Alone Health InsuranceCompanies


Re: Guidelines on Insurance claims ofvictims of CycloneTauktae andCyclone Yaas in the calamity affected areas.


As youare aware, cyclone Tauktae and cyclone Yaas have caused loss to property insome parts of the country. The General Insurers may have issued policies for protection of livesand property located in the affected areas. There is an urgent need for theinsurance industry to take immediate steps to mitigate the hardships of theaffected insured population by ensuring immediate registration and settlementof eligible claims.

2.   You are advised to initiate immediate stepsfor quick registration and disposal of claims on the following lines: -

a.   Please nominate a senior officer at thecompany level who would act as a Nodal Officer for the affected states. TheNodal Officer would be coordinating the receipt, processing, and settlement ofall eligible claims. The Nodal officer should contact the designated officersof the State Govt. immediately and be in regular contact thereafter.

b.   It needs to be ensured that all claims aresurveyed immediately and claim payments/on account payments are disbursed atthe earliest and in any case not exceeding the stipulated time-line.

c.   Adequate number of surveyors may be engagedimmediately as required.

d.   You are also requested to launch extensiveawareness campaign duly highlighting the measures taken by you.

e.   In view of Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic,the Insurers shall encourage the policyholders to use electronic communicationwherever possible for correspondence while intimating the claim and filing allthe relevant documents. Efforts shall be made to ensure that digital processesare resorted to the extent possible for assessment of claims.


3.    We request you to take urgent steps forexpeditious settlement of claims in the cyclone hit areas and submit details ofthe same as advised above.





ChiefGeneral Manager (Non-Life)


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