Functions and Responsibilities of Human Resources Department

Functions and responsibilities of Human Resources Department :–

The role of Human Resource Department is to meet the requirement of human resources and plan, develop, process and administer policies and programs designed to create an environment that develops, encourage and sustains the well-being of employees. The main aim is to strengthen the employer-employee relationship through measuring job satisfaction, employee engagement and resolving workplace conflict. It is that part of management which is concerned with the people at work and with their relationship within organization.

Vision- To develop, implement and support programs and processes that add value to the Authority and its employees, leading to improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth and retention.

Verticals in HR Department:-
HR- Service Matters
  1. To process issues relating to manpower planning.
  2. To process recruitment for vacant positions in various grades including backlog under SC/ST/OBC/PWD categories.
  3. To co-ordinate with outside bodies in respect of recruitment related functions, pre-examination training, conduction of exam, evaluation of answer sheets, etc.
  4. To process appointment of OSDs/Consultants on contract basis.
  5. To process matters relating to deputation from/to other organizations in respect of appointment/repatriation to parent organization other than benefits.
  6. To monitor qualification profile of employees for filling up vacancies in departments.
Training and Skill Development:-
  1. To monitor training profile of Employees and map the employees to the ongoing programs.
  2. Arranging in-house as well as outside training for employees including induction training on recruitment and promotion.
  3. To process nomination of employees for NAIC/OECD and other abroad programs.
  4. To organize internship for students from outside to commensurate with internship policy.
Promotion and Career Progression:-
  1. To process promotion exercise by review of promotional vacancies among eligible Employees.
  2. To review and process issues relating to probation and confirmation of employees.
  3. To attend to issues relating to Transfers and postings of employees including CPIOs, Official Language and for office exigencies.
  4. Processing requests of employees for NOC, experience/service certificates.
  5. To prepare and maintain Reservation Rosters.
  6. To maintain and monitor performance appraisal (PA) of the employees
Employee Relations:-
  1. Preparing content in respect of HR related matters and Internal Complaints Committee for Annual Report.
  2. Preparing reply to CAG/Internal audit queries.
  3. Attending to issues relating to Internal Complaints Committee.
  4. To review/reconstitute various Committees.
  5. Prepare Seniority list and attending to representations, if any, in this regard.
HR- Policy/ Welfare matters: :-
  1. To attend to requests from Employees for part-time work/consulting.
  2. To attend to replies to queries from external bodies on HR matters
  3. To maintain and process issues on participation of employees in Committees both internal and external
  4. To attend to HR related residual TAC matters and other related open items
  5. To generate notes to the Authority for consideration of any HR interventions.
  6. To process issues relating to various service benefits and interpretation thereto.
  7. To attend to Issues relating to sponsorship of courses at IIRM and other institutes.
  8. To manage issues relating to PF/Gratuity and Superannuation Trusts, internal Committees, etc.
  9. To process vigilance, discipline and property declaration issues of employees/Officers
  10. To attend to issues relating to officers on deputation and their benefits.
  11. Processing requests from employees in connection with obtaining/renewal of passport, issuance of visa for official travel abroad.
  12. Preparing data in respect of queries on OLI
  13. To monitor implementation of welfare schemes
  14. To monitor compliance with the labor and employment related laws.
HR-Legal matters/RTI Cell:-
  1. To attend to Court cases from preparing para-wise comments to filing of affidavits/counter affidavits till closing of the case.
  2. To attend to RTI matters.
  3. To attend to Ministry/Parliamentary queries
  4. To attend to grievance issues of employees through a proper grievance redressal mechanism
  5. Processing of representations from employees
  6. Uploading information in website as required under RTI Act.
HR-Benefits-1 :-
  1. To process requests pertaining to salary and allowances, perks, annual increments, other payments that are of on-recurring nature and also pay fixation for all staff including those on deputation.
  2. To process requests related to qualification allowance, membership fees, subscription fee, reimbursement of study material cost etc.
  3. To process employee related loans (Housing Loan, Vehicle Loan, etc.) and maintaining related files/property documents.
  4. To perform loan servicing and other related operations
  5. To process Child Care/maternity/paternity leave requests.
  6. To process requests related to leave encashment and leave salary payment
  7. To prepare Last Pay Certificate providing all details
  8. To monitor attendance of the employees on monthly basis and processing attendance related requests and queries.
  1. ACR Cell
  2. Collecting and processing ACRs
  3. Preparing master circulars
ERP Functions:-
  1. To update Master data and transactional data of ERP backend database.
  2. To manage reporting structure and leave/attendance in ERP.
  3. Assisting Vendor in developing various forms related to HR matters like reimbursements, etc. including validations.
  4. Providing workflow for leave managements, Loans, etc.
  5. Movement of letters through RNI and on-going status updating in RNI.
  1. Monitoring and maintaining physical movement of files
  2. Numbering of files and maintaining Register
  3. Maintaining all files and documents of the department including personal files of employees.
  4. Maintaining Service records of employees and inventory of files.
  5. Creating and administer discipline management system