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Title: To all CEOs/CMDs of General lnsurance Companies
Reference No.: IRDA/NL/CIR/MOTP/065/04/2018
Date: 26/04/2018
Compliance of Motor Third Party Obligations






All CEOs/CMDs of General InsuranceCompanies

Re:Compliance of Motor Third Party Obligations.

Thishas reference to IRDAI (Obligation of Insurer in respect of Motor Third PartyInsurance Business) Regulations, 2015 dated 02.06.2015.


Inthis regard, all insurers, who are licensed to underwrite direct motorinsurance business in India, are advised to use the Gross Direct Premiumfigures published on the IRDAI website specifically for the calculation ofMotor Third Party Obligations, from time to time. This circular will hold goodunless otherwise communicated.



Yegnapriya Bharath

Chief General Manager (Non-Life)

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